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"I’ve named this after the tour-of-force that is my cousin, Mady.  Not only is she loving, kind, thoughtful and lives her life with meaning every day, she is also a huge part of my grief journey when both of our Moms were diagnosed with terminal cancer within two weeks of each other.  Mady is one amazing female entrepreneur as well, and as a RSW/Counsellor, she is an LGBTQ+ youth and young adult specialist with her own company, BURN BRIGHT COUNSELLING ("  Jennifer, Founder of MARNIE & MICHAEL: 

LOOK AMAZING, FEEL AMAZING!  We're a mental health give-back social entity.  For the months of April and May 2022, 15% from each sale of the 2022 RESILIENCE LINE will go towards THE INSIDE OUT INITIATIVE and their acadeME bootcamps for youth and parents.  Launching Spring 2022.  


  • Perfect for the minimal basics: keys and phone
  • Practical alternative to the classic Tote Bag for smaller items 
  • Provides more ergonomic options than other larger bags 
  • Three hands-free options: crossbody, around the waist, or over the shoulder.  

For the 2022 LINE, we are working with Laredo leather sides. These 3-4 oz sides are full of character and are ideal for achieving an aged, rustic look.  Note: These sides may contain natural characteristics like marks or brands.  


  • Unlined main compartment:  4” wide x 11” long x less than 2” depth 
  • 1.5” black Nylon strap with two sliders for easy adjustment
  • Total bag circumference can adjust from 24" - 48" with small strap, and 35.5" - 49.9" with large strap 
  • Heavy-duty hardware with welded seams for extra strength 
  • Modern side release buckle for easy use 
  • Available in four jewel-toned colours: Yellow, Purple, Teal and Gray
  • Handmade in Canada
  • FREE shipping in Canada and the USA
  • PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER.  Your order will be ready for local pick up or shipping within one to two weeks. 

**NOTE:  Products are no longer hand stamped with logo.  We now have a fabric label sewn into the seam.

The story behind the sling-back style bag: 
"With our 2022 LINE, we intentionally set out to design smaller pieces for everyday use.  The slingback bag is very on-trend yet the concept has been with us for a very long time.  History dates the practical, hands-free bag back to the Native American Buffalo Pouch, used by sewing pouches into their clothing.  As well, the European medieval belt-pouch was around before pockets were sewn into clothing.  The Scottish had a similar bag called the Sporran, that was quite popular due to kilts not having pockets.  There was a recent revival during the 1990’s and then the latest resurgence in 2018.  The pandemic has changed our bag needs so the SLING BACK is here to stay for now.”    

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