Mental Health

“Social enterprises are community-based businesses that sell goods or services in the marketplace to achieve a social, cultural and/or environmental purpose; they reinvest their profits to maximize their social mission.” ~ Social Enterprise Council of Canada

Bottom line – mental illness is hard. It’s hard for those suffering the illness and for those loving the person who is suffering. My Mom’s Bipolar Disorder was untreated and undiagnosed for her first fifty-two years. She had six children by her mid-twenties, leaving my childhood impacted by traumatic highs and lows and left reeling from her impulsive life-changing decisions.

No one talked about mental health and everyone around us was distracted by her unhealthy coping strategies. The only constant in our lives was instability and we were shamed into saying nothing; keeping our home life a close secret. I am determined to be a part of the conversation and space that is changing this.

Our Social Mission

To be a part of the progressive and honest conversation surrounding mental wellness/mental health.

To provide resources to assist in the coping/surviving/healing phases of the journey.

To raise funds and expand the reach for other mental wellness give-back organizations and charities.

How We Do This

  • Collaborating with like-minded companies to help raise funds or awareness for their mission.
  • Publishing a weekly blog on our website, OUR STORIES, where we discuss our personal journey and highlight other companies or services that could assist in the coping/surviving/healing journey.
  • Creating, publishing and distributing ‘BE KIND, LOVE HARD, MAKE MEMORIES: A Mini Memoir Meets Guided Journal’. This is a writing tool to use on the journey of coping/surviving/healing.
  • Building an online library of experiences by publishing the YOUR STORIES blog, where we highlight submitted stories from people who are living with or loving someone with mental health issues.

Our Stories

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