Mompreneur Memoirs

Named on the Amazon Hot New Release list, as well as top three in several categories: #1 conduct of life and spirituality, #2 inspirational personal testimonies, #3 women in business.

If you are an aspiring Mompreneur, the 12 contributing authors, including Founder of ‘Marnie and Michael’ - Jennifer St John, want you to know that you are not alone. They are cheering you on and no matter how hard the journey becomes or how long it may take, they want you to know that it is worth it! In side this book, you'll find stories from courageous women who are generously sharing their inspiring stories of overcoming adversity while managing motherhood and entrepreneurship successfully.

So let us share our stories!

Entrepreneurship and motherhood are labor intensive and can be terribly scary and isolating - but your goals are not impossible - regardless of the adversities and complexities you must face and overcome to reach them. We are here to share our stories with you and spotlight strong female figures who are paving the way and blazing the trail so you know that you can, too.


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