Hi! I'm Jennifer, and I'm the owner and operator of MARNIE & MICHAEL.

I’ve always been involved in art and design since I could walk basically.  My Mom, Marnie, used to show everyone my sketches and drawings from a young age and she did what she could to encourage these skills. I’m always happiest when I’m being creative.  Whatever form this took - taking all the art classes I could in elementary and high school, designing office and house plans in my late teens and early twenties, working in the Art Department of films, working as a film and television Producer, or co-owning my own production company for several years in Toronto – writing, drawing, painting, sketching, printing, sewing… it's always been there. 

I thrived on learning the business side of the film industry and always knew I would be back in the driver's seat of my next venture.  But with two small children in tow and a husband who is also a business owner and travels quite a bit, I needed to make this shift at the right time and for the right reasons.  And at this point in my life, I knew it needed to be bigger.  As I moved forward with my plans, I spent time developing the idea of pulling several strands together under one roof.  If I was going to do this, it had to make sense for my life right now.    

And this is where I landed.  A social enterprise – marrying my love of being creative in designing and producing leather bags with my mission to start a mental health initiative to support those who are loving someone through a mental health challenge.  I’ve been working on this plan for four years and have recently secured a small studio/office space in the lovely little town of Penetanguishene, Ontario. 

Along with contract illustrators, graphic designers, professional sewers, marketing teams and myself – we’re doing this!  Two of my sisters have thankfully stepped in to help with the mental health initiative side of things as well. 

In 2020, we officially put down roots with our charming studio space.  We have a lot in the works so stay tuned!