FREE WORKSHOP: The Mind-Gut Connection w/ Hollie Chrome

FREE WORKSHOP: The Mind-Gut Connection w/ Hollie Chrome

It is no surprise at anyone who is aware of my story, that dealing with trauma at a young age comes with a whole bunch of 'side effects', shall we say! Only recently though did I learn how much of my immune system issues were connected to this and how much the food I was eating had to do the healing of my mind and body.  I've been on this journey for over 30 years, but I've made lots of headway, which is promising. 

I also made a great connection with Hollie Crome this past year, owner of HOLLIE CROME HOLISTIC WELLNESS.  Hollie is a certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, who works with women who want to step into a health & nutrition lifestyle that works for them, their bodies and their minds.  She gives women the tools to have more energy, confidence and joy in their lives!  

Hollie came to this place out of her own personal experiences of struggling for years with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She began to explore Holistic modalities to heal her body of this autoimmune disease, which led her down the path of discovering how important the microbiome (the gut) is to the functioning of every organ in the body, including the mind!

Hollie was able to heal her body using holistic health & nutrition practices, experiencing not only an elimination of PCOS symptoms but also an increase in mental clarity, focus and mood. 

We both are strong advocates for mental health and wellness and wanted to share our experiences, knowledge and tips with our communities!  On Sunday, January 30th, 2022, we are offering a FREE WORKSHOP.  CLICK here to connect with us via email and receive more info, or follow us both on our social media channels for HOLLIE and MARNIE & MICHAEL


We have even bigger news!  We will also be collaborating for a WORKSHOP SERIES starting in February 2022 to dive much deeper into this mind-gut connection together - with you! 

Why are we teaming up to bring you a workshop series linking the microbiome to mental health? 

More and more research indicates that the microbiome can be classed as a root-cause of several autoimmune conditions, including several mental health conditions. When the microbiome is functioning optimally, we see a drastic decrease in symptoms of autoimmune conditions, mental health conditions and much more balance throughout the body. The microbiome often does not require specific medical treatment (medication) for treatment, and much can be done on an individual basis to balance the microbiome of the individual. 

Take your diet, for example. When there are large shifts in the diet, stress, or use of antibiotics, the microbiome undergoes a shift as well, often resulting in an increase of inflammation-causing bacteria (we don’t want this!). This increase in inflammation-causing bacteria causes negative effects on the body AND mind. If there are large changes occurring in the microbiome, and large imbalances are created, we can begin to see symptoms of leaky gut, which basically means that food protein and bacteria proteins are causing inflammation throughout the body, not just in the gut.

The ultimate goal is to create a balanced microbiome, and this looks different for each individual. The goal of our workshop series is to equip you with the education and skills needed for you to understand your own microbiome, determine if your microbiome is in a state of dis-balance, and to begin to heal any inflammation that is occurring in your body. By doing this, you will begin to experience shifts in how your body feels, as well as in how your mind is functioning in terms of clarity, focus, sleep and even a reduction in depressive and anxious symptoms. 


In January, Hollie will GUEST BLOG with us again to dive deeper into:

  • the science of the microbiome,
  • how to know if you are experiencing inflammation (even silent inflammation),
  • and how our new workshop series will benefit you!