Slow Fashion: What You Need to Know + Canadian Companies Leading the Way

Slow Fashion: What You Need to Know + Canadian Companies Leading the Way

There's a lot of buzz about slow fashion these days, but what does that really mean? In the age of fast fashion, slow fashion has emerged as an alternative for those looking for quality pieces that are sustainable and ethically produced. If you're wondering what slow fashion is, how it differs from fast fashion, or are curious as to some of the leading companies in Canada that are making waves in the slow fashion movement, you'll love this post! 


What Is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is a term used to refer to clothing and accessories that are created with the environment and people in mind. This means that the materials used to create the clothing are sustainable (think organic cotton or recycled materials), and they also adhere to ethical labour standards. The idea behind slow fashion is that rather than buying cheap, disposable items that end up in landfills after one season, buyers can invest in timeless pieces made with high-quality materials that last longer and look better over time. Slow fashion pieces are perfect for capsule wardrobes are they are super versatile and last for many seasons. 


How Does Slow Fashion Differ From Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion refers to clothing trends that move quickly from runways and magazines into stores. These items often use synthetic fabrics like polyester or rayon because they are cheaper to produce than natural fabrics like cotton, wool or leather, which makes them more affordable for buyers—but this comes at a cost. Fast fashion typically involves unethical labour practices such as low wages and unsafe working conditions. On top of this, much of the clothing ends up being quickly discarded after wearing just once or twice due to its poor quality.


Slow Fashion Canadian Companies Making a Difference

If you're interested in joining and supporting the slow fashion movement here in Canada, there are several great companies leading the way. Check them out and let us know if you have any favourites we should check out or companies you'd add to this list!



Stylish work leisure clothing—intentionally crafted and made to last. 

A Canadian company making waves, Encircled is timeless designs meet sustainable fabrics and ethical practices. At Encircled, every piece is crafted with intention in Toronto, Ontario with a focus on beautiful clothes made from comfortable materials that seamlessly transition through various occasions and seasons of your life. Optimum quality is ensured by partnering with local makers who share their commitment to high standards. The result? Effortless pieces that look great and make you feel even better! Discover an easy-wear capsule wardrobe filled with infinite possibilities geared to help you look and feel your best at Encircled.




Where big change starts small. 

ten tree fashion

Sustainable clothing company tentree is making a difference, one step at a time. They plant 10 trees for every item purchased and have an incredible mission to plant 1 billion trees before 2030! Their highly conscious approach means that all of their items are ethically made in safe working conditions using sustainable sources and organic, recycled materials—making it easier than ever before for us all to do our part toward positive change. Join their movement and make an impact!



Frank and Oak

Designed in Canada. Made for good living. 

frank and oak

Our daily choices are more than just decisions—they’re an opportunity to better ourselves. Frank and Oak believes it only takes a tiny spark to turn a meaningful idea into an impactful pursuit—and we agree! Here you'll find sustainable, conscious apparel created with eco-friendly processes so you can look great and feel good about the impact your wardrobe is having on the world. Frank and Oak's Montreal-based roots tell a story of ambitious young creatives who set out to create something special; thoughtfully designed products from innovative and recycled fabrics sourced straight from nature – inspiring us all towards a cleaner and healthier way of living. Plus,1% of every Frank And Oak purchase is donated to one of four nonprofits.



Slow Fashion Trends Are Here To Stay

Slow fashion is quickly becoming an important part of consumer culture as Canadians become more aware of and strive for more ethical production practices and sustainability through their buying habits. By investing in timeless pieces made with high-quality materials by responsible companies here in Canada, we can all do our part to help make a difference.

Remember, every bit helps—one person at a time is how change is made. So if you've been thinking about joining the slow fashion movement, now is your chance! Check out these amazing Canadian brands today.



Want Your Next Fashion Purchase To Mean Something?

Look good. Feel good. Do good. 

At MARNIE & MICHAEL, we are passionate about creating beautiful leather bags and accessories – but there's a purpose behind our mission. Our Founder Jennifer drew from her own experiences growing up with a parent with mental illness to build something powerful: a safe space for healing where shame doesn't exist. Each MARNIE & MICHAEL purchase contributes towards this cause that is so close to Jennifer’s heart... because everyone deserves the chance of feeling supported in their journey.