Podcasts to Boost Your Emotional Wellness

Podcasts to Boost Your Emotional Wellness

Podcasts are incredibly popular these days, and there are so many to choose from. From politics to pop culture, this type of audio entertainment covers almost everything you can think of and is a great way to pass the time and learn something new. 

But that’s not all it’s good for – mental health podcasts can boost your emotional wellness and be an effective form of self care. 

Learn new ways to deal and feel less alone in your struggles with our Top 10 best mental health podcasts to take you through the rest of 2022. 


#1: The Nod – Apple Podcast rating: 4.8 stars

“The Nod” pitches itself as a podcast that shares the stories and experiences of African Americans that “don’t get told anywhere else”

Topics range from lighthearted histories of hip-hop trends to the emotional impact of famous writers like Toni Morrison on generations of young Black writers and professionals.

#2: Therapy for Black Girls – Apple Podcast rating: 4.8 stars

Founded by clinical psychologist Joy Harden Bradford, “Therapy for Black Girls” offers mental health resources and advice for both personal and professional development for Black women and beyond.

#3: Attitudes! – Apple Podcast rating: 4.8 stars

This show tackles big political and cultural issues facing women and marginalized communities, including LGBT communities.  

#4: Cafeteria Christian – Apple Podcast rating: 4.8 stars

Educating yourself about the Bible? Feeling obligated to be at church multiple times a week? Just trying to live a life based strongly in your values?

Observing a Christian lifestyle can be taxing on your mind and body.

Hosts Nora and Natalie started this podcast to let you know it’s OK to not be a “perfect” Christian and to talk openly about challenges in balancing what you need with what your Christian faith asks of you.

#5: Mental Illness Happy Hour – Apple Podcast rating 4.8 stars

So many of us have dealt with mental and emotional trauma in our lives. Yet so few of us feel comfortable or even safe talking about it out loud.

Gilmartin’s interviews run the gamut from tackling the link between sexual assault and PTSD with successful attorneys to uncovering how being raised by a parent with alcohol use disorder can affect you in many invisible ways.

#6: WTF with Marc Maron – Apple podcast rating: 4.6 stars

Comedian Marc Maron is well known for interviewing some of the world’s most famous people in his tiny garage near Los Angeles.

Maron is surprisingly candid about the anxieties and traumas of his upbringing and the emotional turmoil that many of his noted guests have experienced.

#7: Code Switch – Apple Podcast rating: 4.6 stars

Talking about race, gender, ethnicity, identity, and many complex topics common in the 21st century can be exhausting and scary. It can be much harder if you don’t think you have any allies.

This show covers topics from the legacy of lynching’s of African Americans in modern American life to covert forms of anti-Semitism in popular culture.

#8: The Happiness Lab – Apple Podcast rating: 4.8 stars

Happiness can seem unattainable sometimes. This is especially true when the things you work hard to earn don’t bring the happiness you expect.

That’s where Dr. Laurie Santos of Yale University thinks she can help.

Dr. Santos hopes to show you that your own happiness is in your control in even the smallest ways using findings from cutting-edge scientific research on the link between human behavior and emotions.

#9: 2 Dope Queens – Apple Podcast rating: 4.8 stars

“2 Dope Queens” consists of the high-energy comedy duo Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. These two comedians turned their long-time friendship and famously witty banter into an insanely popular comedy show.

No topic is off-limits to them or their wide array of celebrity guests. Topics range from relationships and stereotypes with Michelle Obama to sexual health with stars from popular TV shows.

#10: The Hilarious world of depression – Apple Podcast rating: 4.8 stars

Depression is one of the most common and yet most stigmatized mental health conditions. And not all forms of depression are created equal. Depression can take as many forms as there are people who have it.

This show is good if you’re managing your own symptoms or know someone with depression. The information you consume has a direct impact on how you behave, feel, and think. 


Next time you’re in a podcast rut or needing to feel your feelings, hit “play” on one of these shows to hear some much-needed insight or get a boost for the day. 

Which are your favorites? Let us know!