In this week’s blog post, we’re highlighting one of the amazing companies involved in our MENTAL WELLNESS BOX project.  With the theme of Mother’s Day in mind, we curated products from across North America, specifically reaching out to companies with a mental wellness/mental health component to their company.  

OM MATTERS is a women’s yoga company centred on compassion: to our self, to at-risk youth, and to the planet.  After Founder, Tambra Wayne, found the ability to start following her own feelings and intuition, this led her to discovering her own true passion:  helping others live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.  She created OM MATTERS to use yoga practices and philosophies to provide people with the tools and inspiration to create positive and lasting change in their lives. 

And they practice what they preach.  OM MATTERS donates’ a healthy 10% of proceeds from their products to sponsor yoga for at-risk youth.  Realizing how yoga made Tambra feel compelled her to give this opportunity to kids who don’t always have access to these practices. Yoga matters.  Tambra is a certified RYT® 200 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and received her training through ‘Interconnected Yoga Teacher Training’ in San Diego, California.

At OM MATTERS, their intent is to create a business that exemplifies the philosophies of yoga beyond āsana.  They spend every day thinking of new ways to live in this manner and share it with the world. 


JENNIFER:  Hi Tambra!  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me today.  I’m so excited to have your beautiful deck of 30 cards included in our MENTAL WELLNESS BOX for the Mother’s Day edition.  Tell us more about OM MATTERS and how this amazing company came to be!

TAMBRA:  Thank you Jennifer.  I’m thrilled to be a part of this project!  OM MATTERS was born from a passion to inspire people to bring mindfulness into their every day. I endorse positive spirituality and self-care built on the timeless tenets of yogic tradition -- which doesn’t just encourage us all to be healthier and happier, but to have a conscious awareness that every action we take matters. After a 25-year career in commercial real estate, I felt it was time to venture into a new journey based on making a positive difference in the world.

JENNIFER:  Wow, that’s quite the journey Tambra!  That’s a big switch, for sure.  Now I know mental wellness is a big part of OM MATTERS, so can you tell us a bit more about your goals regarding mental health?

TAMBRA:  My mission is to help to cultivate inner peace and happiness in people’s lives by utilizing the tools within the 8 Limbs of Yoga. In addition, I’m committed to contributing 10% of all our proceeds to fund yoga and meditation practices for youth so they can benefit from these tools as well.

JENNIFER:  That’s an amazing goal – and something we can definitely use more of right now.  I’m so impressed by your yoga for youth programs.  Such a gift!  Can you tell me a little bit about some upcoming projects or collaborations you have on the horizon? 

TAMBRA:  Yes, absolutely!  I’m very excited to share my new Healing Crystal Kits that are designed to help amplify the powerful teachings of yoga. The “ELEVATE YOU CRYSTAL KIT” will contain crystals to empower your internal growth and the “GRACIOUS LIFE CRYSTAL KIT” will strengthen qualities of compassion and integrity with your relationships. 

JENNIFER:  Wow, that sounds very intriguing!  I’m going to have to check those out.  And I have your wonderful app too: THE OM MATTERS APP.   I'm still exploring it and I can't wait to dig in more.  So, what made OM MATTERS say YES to being a part of our MENTAL WELLNESS BOX project?

TAMBRAI absolutely LOVE your mission! Our mental wellness is so fragile even without experiencing trauma and we rarely know how to help ourselves or where to turn for help from others. Mental health is really a fluid condition, ebbing and flowing from varying degrees of sadness and happiness and everything in between. Education, tools and support are so critical. That’s why I love the 8 LIMBS OF YOGA because it provides a tool box of practices to choose from --whether it’s a physical practice, breathwork, meditation or ethical guidelines to help us navigate life’s situations.

JENNIFER:  I completely agree.  Our mental health is very fluid, and for many people, quite fragile right now.  With the global pandemic we’ve all been dealing with for over a year now, what are the tools or coping strategies that have helped you this past year? 

TAMBRA:  A consistent meditation practice has really kept me grounded and enables me to go with the flow a little easier instead of being so reactive. In addition, I focus on deliberately connecting with others on a regular basis. In fact, I joined a mastermind group of like-minded women which really helped me stay engaged in my business and my personal growth. I also make it a priority to do what brings me join! That’s how I discovered the benefits of crystals!

JENNIFER:  Yes, meditation is the cornerstone to my mental health as well.  I don’t know what I would do without this practise in my life!  We just finished a little corner of our storage room in the basement so I could have a space away from everything – with a door on it – to meditate and do breathwork and practice yoga.  I call it my ‘sanctuary’ and I’m in LOVE!  Well, thank you again for being a part of our MENTAL WELLNESS BOX project.  I just love that we have connected in this world, and I look so forward to more ways we can work together in the future.