Local Love For Local Businesses

Local Love For Local Businesses

We all know Amazon had an amazing year but can we say the same for local small businesses in and around Ontario? No, sadly we can't. So, let's work on changing that by shopping small this holiday season and choosing to support the independent business we know and love in our neighbourhoods.

We know what you're thinking.. but shopping local doesn't necessarily mean you need to break the bank. We've curated a list of our favourite small businesses that are jam-packed full of affordable yet unique gifts that you really can't find anywhere else. 

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1. Gift Box From Link Of Hearts

How adorable is this perfectly curated gift box with 10% of their quarterly sales being donated to “Bring Change 2 Mind,” a non-profit organization with a mission to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

2. Sustain Starter Kit From Cheekbone Beauty

This beautifully crafted makeup starter kit is perfect for all your makeup needs and the best part about it? For every sustain lipstick purchase, Cheekbone Beauty donates one sustain lipstick to Indigenous youth. How amazing is that?

3. Paw Print Necklace From Jac + Jo

The perfect choice for your animal lover family or friend! Jac + Jo are a company dedicated to raising funds for colon cancer research and awareness.

4.Healing Crystals Kit From OM Matters

Cultivate love of self, others and all of life with the transformative powers of these healing crystals specially curated to vibrationally match the energies of compassion + love + honesty + abundance + respect + generosity. OM MATTERS also donates’ a healthy 10% of proceeds from their products to sponsor yoga for at-risk youth.

5.Graphic Tee From You Are Collective

Graphic tees are SO in and so is mental health. We are obsessing over this "Ask me how I feel" tee. You are Collective donates a minimum of 10% of each item purchased to their #1MillionCampaign, which distributes funds across many organizations to provide a variety of counselling and mental health services across Canada.

6.Candles From Link Of Hearts

Obsessing over this all-natural soy wax + clean fragrance. Hand-poured in small batches.10% of their quarterly sales will be donated to “Bring Change 2 Mind,” a non-profit organization with a mission to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

7. Beanies from Province Of Canada

Available in an assortment of colors, this beanie is an absolute must-have to stay warm while also staying trendy this winter.

8. Journals of Discovery From Robyn Liechti

An excellent addition for that strong woman in your life that also loves to journal. This empowering self-care journal puts you first, because you matter. Each journal prompt was mindfully created for reflection, empowerment and self-love so you can prioritize, and honor your authentic self. 

9. Tight Enough To Feel Print From Alisha Davidson

“Empathy is a journey you travel, if you pay attention, if you care, if you desire to do so.” Alisha is a Toronto based Illustrator and maker, and creator of this intimate print.

10. Holiday Custom Teagram From Pluck Tea

The tea version of a telegram and we are loving this. Such a unique way to send your loved one some tea with a personal message!