I Want You To Be Happy Day

I Want You To Be Happy Day

Today's the day. 

It's national  "I Want You To Be Happy Day" and is it observed by all people who want someone else to be happy. To celebrate today you should do something that makes others happy. Putting a smile on other people's faces should also make you happy, so there is more reason to celebrate the day! 

How to observe "I want you to be happy day"

Today our goal is to make others happy. We focus on others first. I know what you're thinking... "compliments" and "wishes of happiness" will do and sure, that's a great way to start but there is so much more that can be done. Finding out what makes someone happy and focusing on those things is important. Being a good listener is one of the best things you can do.

This year, let's think bigger than compliments or wishes of happiness.. a phone call, hand written note or a home made treat are great ways to make someone feel valued. Paying if forward at a restaurant or a store can make someone you don't even know happy. On "I Want You to be Happy Day", show your love, cheer others up, and spread happiness.

There is a long exhaustive list of what you can do but here are a handful of ideas to get you started:

  1. Remind someone you love them. Telling someone you love them is a genuine reminder of how you feel about someone.
  2. Pay for coffee for the person behind you in life. Pay it forward. Buying someone coffee randomly is bound to brighten anyone’s day, especially since you never know how their morning has been going.
  3. Write someone a nice note. Sometimes people need a reminder or some warm fuzzies, and a simple note makes that gesture a whole lot grander because you went out of your way to write someone a letter.
  4. Give someone a compliment. Everyone always loves that genuine confident boost. Telling someone a compliment can instantly make them feel less negative toward themselves
  5. Hold the door for someone. We all have those days when we try to take up ten bags of groceries in one trip and you are so appreciative of that one person holding the door a bit longer just for you. So make sure to do it in return.
  6. Bring someone some homemade goodies. We all love the gesture. Especially since it means the person went out of their way to make something homemade just for you.
  7. Listen. Sometimes all we need is a sounding board. On the days we're in a bad place or just in a funky mood it is nice to just have a listening ear - talking things out normally helps someone feel better so all those thoughts and feelings aren’t stuffed on the inside.
  8. Smile. A smile is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Now, because today is considered a day for making others happy. I want YOU to make YOURSELF happy today too and let me give you some reasons why your happiness is so important. 

#1 Happiness reduces stress!

When you are stressed, your levels of the hormone called "cortisol" go up. Cortisol is an important part of our chemical makeup, but in high amounts it can cause health problems like high blood pressure, muscle weakness and mood swings. But, when you're happy, the cortisol levels go drastically down. 

#2 Happiness is tied to better heart health!

There have been so many studies showing a link between happiness and a healthier heart. Happiness can lower your risk of heart disease by 13-26%. 

#3 Happiness can boost your immune system!

More evidence shows that unhappiness and negative emotions harm your health.  In one research study, 350 volunteers were exposed to the cold virus. Over the next two weeks, they recorded their positive emotions. Those who had the most positive emotions were less likely to get sick.

#4 Happiness extends your life!

It makes sense that if happiness is good for your health, it extends your life too. In a famous 2001 study, researchers found a connection between the life expectancy of Catholic nuns and the emotions they recorded when they first entered the convent. Those who seemed the happiest based on their decades-old writing lived 7-10 years longer than the unhappier nuns. A more recent, 5-year long study showed that older people who expressed happiness on a typical day were 35% less likely to die during the study.


#5 Happiness and better relationships are related!

Relationships with friends and family are vital to the human experience. In one study, the top 10% happiest college students enjoyed better relationships. They experienced less jealousy and had closer bonds with their family. This resulted in even more happiness, so it’s a cycle.


In summary, life is too short to spend it being miserable. Being happy doesn't necessarily mean not allowing yourself to feel sad or disappointed or lonely. Of course you can! Choosing to be happy means that while you feel bad a times, you don't let it run your life. Acknowledge your emotions but move on.


So be happy today and help others be happy too!