Balancing Biz Owner Stress Heading into Busy Season

Balancing Biz Owner Stress Heading into Busy Season

Small business owners often find that between family commitments, holiday shopping and the demands of their business combined, it makes the holiday season very stressful.

Does running a small business during the holidays make you feel more like a Grinch than someone who spreads holiday cheer?

You can relieve some of that stress by putting these tips to work!

1. Remember What the Season is All About: 
Take a moment for reflection. If you are feeling the true holiday spirit, you will bring peace to the workplace and keep everyone’s stress levels, including your own, down to a minimum.

2. Get Organized: 
With holiday parties and year-end deadlines, our calendars are packed! It’s easy to forget things. And, when you forget, you become even more overwhelmed. Take a minute and focus on getting organized. Once you can see everything clearly laid out for you, you’ll feel some relief.

3. Spend Money on Your Biz: 

This is not as crazy a tip as it may seem. Invest in some new equipment or technology – like a POS System – that will help you keep up with business and keep stress levels down.

4. It’s Okay to Say No: 

This time of year almost everyone will be asking something of you. If you do not have time, it’s okay to turn someone down. Prioritize who you say yes to.  And set boundaries.  

5. Try an Email Holiday Message This Year: 

The idea of sending holiday cards to your clients is great, but costly. Try something new this year and send out an email holiday message. Once you have your list generated, sending the e-cards is quick and easy!

6. Set Mini Goals: 

Don’t add to your stress by worrying about hitting those final benchmarks. Continue to strive for them, but set smaller goals for yourself, too; ones that you and your employees can hit every day. This will make you feel significantly better about the short-term and long-term, and will hopefully set you on a good path for 2023.

7. Give Back: 

Giving back to others – whether it be your community or your employees – is inspiring and can give you the positive energy you need to get through the holiday season stress- free.

Are you wondering how you can manage your staff during the holidays?

Managers have a critically important obligation to pay close attention to the possible toll the year-end holidays can take on workers. In moments where tempers flare, or other incidents of workplace conflict occur, keep the following in mind:

- Be open to receiving constructive criticism and remain neutral when appropriate
- Be an intentional listener and give feedback in a timely manner
- Be accountable and deliver your commitments
- Understand that you’re not going to have all the answers

Most important, make clear to your team that the company understands that every individual has commitments and responsibilities outside the workplace. While business duties must always be met, you realize that the added stress levels can make this goal more difficult at times – and that you’re there to help.

No matter the season, the best gift we can give ourselves and our business is balance with holiday stress management.

A rested, engaged and healthy small business owner is good for employees, customers, vendors and the bottom line — not to mention family and friends.