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BE KIND, LOVE HARD, MAKE MEMORIES: A Mini Memoir meets Guided Journal

BE KIND, LOVE HARD, MAKE MEMORIES: A Mini Memoir meets Guided Journal

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BE KIND, LOVE HARD, MAKE MEMORIES:  A Mini Memoir meets Guided Journal is our newest book, curated by the Founder of MARNIE & MICHAEL, Jennifer St John.  

"Bottom line - mental illness is hard.  It's hard for those suffering the illness and for those loving the person who is suffering."  

Jennifer's Mom (Marnie) had Bi-Polar II Disorder, that went undetected and untreated for her first fifty plus years.  No one talked about mental health when Jennifer and her sisters were little, and everyone around them seemed too distracted by their Mom's impulsive life changing decisions and unhealthy coping strategies. The only constant in their lives was instability - and they were shamed into not saying anything, and firmly maintaining the close secrets of home life.  

Through almost two dozen home addresses in two different countries in less than eighteen years, Jennifer miraculously kept all her childhood journals.  Along with her Mom's deeply honest and raw recovery journals, Jennifer has pulled together their story.  Please know, they do not mince words.   

This 227 paged book is both a journal, filled with beautifully illustrated blank lined pages, and also a mini-memoir, in the storytelling of the excerpts.  All excerpts included are in their original, hand written form; illustrating their thoughts, feelings, and actions in real time. 

This book is sectioned into three parts, with Jennifer discussing the lessons she learned during each phase: 

  • BE KIND - Surviving
  • LOVE HARD - Coping
  • MAKE MEMORIES - Healing

It is not an easy read at times.  But Jennifer is doing this with the hopes of greater insight, understanding and compassion for those living on both sides of this every day.  

And also, because her Mom was a beautiful writer and deserves this honour. 

  • Book measures 5.5" wide x 8.5" long x 1/2" thick  
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  • Up to 15% give back to our mental health initiative
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